Brock Wilson, Harvard.png

Prior to devoting his work to Summus Tutors in 2020, Brock served as Chief Executive Officer of Explain This Brand. Brock also worked at an analyst position for Manufacturing Succession Partners and an asset management position at St. Luke’s University Health Network.

Brock's decade of experience in leadership positions started as a tutor for students on his high school wrestling team. Brock focuses on the intersection 

between economics and computer science, specifically in the importance of building useful and usable interactive systems. His experience and passion for user interface design drives him to continuously develop an advanced platform to precisely match tutors with students.


In addition to being a CFO and independent entrepreneur, Brock spends his free time exploring national parks and playing competitive chess. He also competed collegiately for the Harvard University Wrestling Team.


Brock is currently obtaining his degree in economics and computer science at Harvard University.